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today we reveal…the Wall of Fame!

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All of us here at The Simplifiers wanted to take a moment and give thanks to YOU, our backers, our clients, our friends and colleagues who supported our Kickstarter.

Quite simply, you ROCK.


In case you missed it, back in January 2016, we launched a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of raising $10,000 to help us upgrade the software behind The Apprentice Program. Thanks to you [all 166 of you!], we smashed this goal and raised over $12,000 in just 30 days.

Now, a million thank you’s just wouldn’t be enough, so we wanted to commemorate this special occasion in an immortal format: our Wall of Fame!

If you were so kind as to support us on our mission, head on over to check out your place on our brand new Wall of Fame page.

superhero-thanks-MBW-cape-bubble-2016-03-23 14.53.07


celebrating with cupcakes and beer

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KS green button
Did you hear? With your help, we raised over $12,000 through our Kickstarter.  Of course you heard…we’ve been tweeting, talking and telling (basically) everyone we meet about it all non-stop since it launched!

To celebrate and say thanks to our 166 backers, we hosted a Simplifiers party right in the heart of Nottingham, England with our UK team, complete with beer and cupcakes in a very traditional pub.


Old Market Square + The Cross Keys pub, Nottingham, England

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a million thanks wouldn’t be enough…

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Our Kickstarter was successfully funded, as of 2:11am CST on Thursday, February 11, 2016. Together with your help, we raised $12,022 USD, achieved 120% funded to our 10k goal and gathered a community of 166 backers (!!!), of which we’ve added 45 new mentors onto our global network!

thank you.

Backers, from the bottom of our superhero hearts, we thank you and welcome you to The Simplifiers family.  It’s time to put on your red cape, my friends and avenge horrible internships wherever you are in your part of the world.

In celebration, we had a massive dance party online these last two days.

michelle obama cabbage patch

And then, we heard we WON the award for “Most Creative Use of Technology” last night at the WeddingWire Weddi Awards!


Does this day get any better?

Well, yes…yes it does.

I want to take a moment and acknowledge the true undercover superheroes in my life that help make it all happen.  First and foremost, my husband, Garreth.  Thank you for being the superglue to our life of adventures and entrepreneurism.  Thank you to my children for the extra cuddles and cheering me on!


Thank you to my team at The Simplifiers…so many talents, so much passion, all aligned to one mission, one vision: we want to STOP horrible internships by giving mentors all the tools they need to better train and empower their interns.

Thank you for believing in me.  

Thank you for stepping up to the challenge, bringing your A-game every day as we grow in leaps and bounds!  And thank you to our advisory board (Aubri, Chris, George) as you continue to inspire me and serve as my sounding board for all those big-picture visions we have for the future.

from left to right: Bethany (filmmaker), Fanni (graphic designer), Ana (filmmaker), Chloe (community manager + marketing), Ryan (filmmaker), Mary (educator + undercover superhero) and (not seen) Minder (marketing) + Laura (blogger) + Millie (social media)

from left to right: Bethany (filmmaker), Fanni (graphic designer), Ana (filmmaker), Chloe (community manager + marketing), Ryan (filmmaker), Mary (educator + undercover superhero) and (not seen) Minder (marketing) + Laura (blogger) + Millie (social media)

So, what happens next?

Well, great question…In fact, this is only the beginning.

All goes well, Kickstarter will send us the moola in about 2-3 weeks.  After a little time off for superhero recharging, our team will be back at it strong starting March 1st with software development, UX, shooting new training video footage and more.

The Apprentice Program is set to launch on September 1, 2016.

In the meantime, keep visiting this blog as we will continue to churn out handy tips on working with Millennials, advice on booking more clients and how to be a great mentor.

Plus, let your friends in the events industry know, we are accepting pre-orders for our Fall 2016 release of The Apprentice Program.  The license is only $75 per intern, per semester and they can lock that price in now for the Fall.

But for now, let’s celebrate.

It takes a village and you, my friends, are THAT village. I hope one day we’ll look back on this moment and think,“wow…all it took was 166 people to believe in BETTER. Better training for interns.  Better learning environments for mentors.  Better for the events industry, as a whole.”

I have a feeling that The Simplifiers are on the cusp of something quite BIG here. And I’m thrilled to have each and every one of you onboard, taking part in this journey together.

Backers: don’t be surprised if I reach out to you for your expert insight, opinions and feedback in the product development process.  After all, we are building this thing for you.  Let’s make it EXACTLY how you want it, solving your greatest challenges as a mentor.


PS> for backers at the $55 level, be on the lookouts for a save-the-date for our Nottingham-based pub night celebration…we’re aiming for the 2nd week in March!

well done, you guys…we did it!



Undercover Superhero

7 days down, 37% funded via Kickstarter!

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Our Kickstarter launched seven days ago and we’re already 37% funded!

Update as of Jan 19, 2016:

  • $3,730 pledged
  • 37% funded
  • 42 Backers
  • 22 days to go

We’re excited to announce that one week since launching, we have reached 37% of our funding target!

We want to give a HUGE thank you to every single one of our backers including:

(left to right) Erica Prewett, CSEP, Deidre Brown, Aubri Nowowiejski, Lisa Morales, Nicole Matthews, CSEP

(left to right) Erica Prewett, CSEP, Deidre Brown, Aubri Nowowiejski, Lisa Morales, Nicole Matthews, CSEP

Following an amazing week of talks at #TSE2016, Mary is going to keep the momentum going tonight by speaking at THE meetup for Nottingham’s tech scene. She will be discussing The Apprentice Program and sharing our Kickstarter campaign story at Nott Tuesday.

If you haven’t already backed us, check out our Kickstarter page to find out more.

Remember, if we don’t hit our 10k goal, we don’t get a penny of what’s been pledged so far.

(And that would be unbelievably sad…literally, we would be sitting in the office, weeping into our pint of Ben&Jerry’s and kicking ourselves that we didn’t Instagram more during the campaign.  Nobody wants a weepy superhero.  Nobody.  Yet, I digress.)

Rewards include coaching sessions with Mary, an invite to our post Kickstarter celebration and LIFETIME ACCESS to The Apprentice Program training platform, not to mention our undying love.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you a Kickstarter newbie?  No prob, here’s the simple 6 step method to back us:

  1. create a login with Kickstarter.  Don’t worry, it’s not scary…just login here and within 2 clicks, you’re in.
  2. search for: APPRENTICE PROGRAM  —> and you will find our campaign in the “technology” category
  3. click on “BACK THIS PROJECT” button on top right
  4. choose the reward level that suits you (on the far right, scroll down to see the full list of awesomeness)
  5. enter in your payment details (credit cards, folks…not checks, not carrier pigeons carrying checks)
  6. viola!  you’re a backer.


If you are connected to anyone in the local media (either Nottingham, East Midlands and/or London) that would be interested in picking up this story, please leave a comment below and we’ll send along the press release and press kit.

Mary used to be a radio DJ another lifetime ago, so she’s pretty good on a microphone and avoids saying umm or uhh during on-air interviews.

Thanks again fans…let’s see if we can’t get this thing 100% funded by this weekend!

setting your “one word” intention for 2016

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2015…holy smokes, WHAT A YEAR.

Can we just take a moment and reflect back on all that’s happened?  The good, the bad and the ugly (insert Trump joke here)…just think, all of it, every single choice you made, led you right here, reading this blog, slowly transforming you and your team into undercover superheroes like The Simplifiers.

Well done, you.

Take a moment and give yourself a fist bump.

It’s okay, no one is looking.  Just stand up, wherever you are now and give your left hand a fist bump from the right, imagining it’s me coming thru your laptop and congratulating you for all that you’ve accomplished this year.



When I look back at the year I’ve had and actually wrote down my key achievements on paper, I’m taken aback.  Whoa…when did I do all of THAT?

Top 25 Young Event Pros to Watch Globally – Special Events Magazine

FINALIST – Tech Startup of the Year Awards 2015

FINALIST – “Most Creative Use of Technology” – Wedding Wire ~ Weddi Awards 2016

“When we slow down and appreciate where we are in the NOW, we gain the most clarity for where we are headed in the future.”

And I’m filled with utter gratitude.

I’m so grateful for each of you guys who support us, cheer us on and those that have already tapped into our mentor network and online training tools.  Thank you, seriously…thank you!


As we move into 2016, I encourage you to set your “one word” intention for the year.

It’s simple….just pick one word that will be your driving force in everything you do in business, as a mentor, as an event planner and in your personal life, as well. Read More