Today we’re taking a look at how The Apprentice Program helped Lisa Morales take things at her firm Haute Weddings to the next level. Things went so well that Lisa decided to give Kelby a permanent position coordinating!

lisa morales

Lisa Morales: wedding planner + owner at Haute Weddings


Lisa from Haute Weddings has been an event planner for over 5 years and plans around 50 weddings a year.

Prior to signing up to The Apprentice Program, she had been taking on Interns for 13-24 months. We interviewed her to find out what she REALLY thought of The Apprentice Program:

Before you signed up to The Apprentice Program, what problems did you have producing and delivering training to your interns?

I just didn’t know how to put a training session together. I figured most of what they would learn would be at an event. I have learned that they do indeed need some type of education prior to working an event.

What do you feel are your main strengths as a trainer and mentor and the best skills that you can pass onto your interns?

I think I have experienced all kinds of different situations and know how to keep calm and focus on solutions.

Before starting the program, did you give your interns responsibilities with tasks on-site at your client events? 

They acted as my assistants, but I wanted them to take on more responsibilities. I wanted them to be able to think for themselves and anticipate what needs to be accomplished.

Has this training improved the way you run your business?

Yes. It has helped me focus and streamline my business practices and branding. It has helped me in that now, I can fully and confidently explain my services with intention.

What was your favorite thing about the training course?

Taking out the time each week to focus as a group on the intentions of the business and consistently including my intern on my business strategies and practices to ensure success for us both.

What is most stressful about working with interns?

Incorporating the training with their real life experience and using the real life experience as a training tool throughout their internship.

Kelby Kleinfelder started out at Haute Weddings as an Intern.

kelby kleinfelder

Kelby Kleinfelder: former intern, turned employee at Haute Weddings (and owner of the cutest dog in existence!)

We wanted to know how taking part in The Apprentice Program helped get her ready to go to the next level as a coordinator and full time member of the team:

What big revelations did you have during in your internship and the training you’ve received from The Apprentice Program?

I guess one revelation would just be learning how to communicate between vendors and brides. Going through files in the office and learning what needs to be communicated next. I feel like it all can be somewhat overwhelming at times but I’m learning the ropes and just taking things one step at a time, which helps get things accomplished so much quicker!

What would you tell your friends about the training you received?

I would say that it has been a great learning experience and has helped boost my confidence by educating me further on the details of the planning process.

What do you think of the training and of Lisa as a mentor and a supervisor?

I am not lying when I say every person I have introduced myself to has said that Lisa is the BEST to learn from and I have to say it has been an honor to work with her! I feel like the networking opportunities with ISES (International Special Events Society) and being a member of the programs council has already helped me push myself and learn things about the industry I wouldn’t have known before. I had such a great time!

The Apprentice Program has helped firms take their teams and their businesses to the next level.

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