The Apprentice Program Success Stories – Chancey Charm

Want to know exactly how The Apprentice Program has already helped firms take their intern training to the next level?

We caught up with Marilisa Schachinger from Chancey Charm, one of the country’s TOP internship programs in the wedding industry, and one of her recent interns, Skylar Albritton, to find out what they’ve gained from joining The Apprentice Program and utilizing our training tools.

We love how they’ve easily incorporated The Apprentice Program into their existing Associate Planner Training/Internship Program!


Marilisa Schachinger – mentor @ Chancey Charm

Mentor: Marilisa Schachinger

Marilisa (above) is a Senior Wedding Planner and Designer at Chancey Charm. She recently trained her intern Skylar with The Apprentice Program and we caught up with her to ask how things went.

How has The Apprentice Program saved you time to focus on other areas like sales or client relations?

It was great to delegate and have interns reach out to clients for wedding party contact info – that saved time and mental energy.

I’m confident that I’ll be delegating more to my interns over this spring/summer season with weddings in full swing!

What were your favorite things about The Apprentice Program?

Everything was amazing! The online portal made it so easy for our team.

I noticed all our interns became more confident and really enjoyed learning about the back-end of the sales and design process.

I loved hearing their feedback on how they perceive on-site situations and especially the “think fast” scenarios. They really know so much more than I thought, which gave me more confidence in their ability to handle situations with wisdom and grace.

Now, let’s hear from her intern’s POV!

Intern: Skylar Albritton


Skylar Albritton – apprentice @ Chancey Charm

Skylar (above) completed The Apprentice Program training as an intern at Chancey Charm. We wanted to know how it made a difference to her internship experience, what she gained and how it led to her staying on with the firm after her internship ended.

EDIT (as of Jun 14, 2016): Skylar Albritton has been promoted to Wedding Planner & Designer for Chancey Charm, covering the Houston, Texas territory!  WOW, go Skylar, GO!

What was your favorite thing about the training you received?

It was very well structured. I loved getting to work as a group each week and getting insight from one of our own lead planners.

The biggest benefits of having The Apprentice Program training as part of my internship were the group discussions, real life advice and application.

What was the most stressful thing about your internship?

Worrying about if I’m going to mess something up or not represent the team well, but this program helped me see lots of situations and how to handle them which made me feel more confident and comfortable in my role.

What would you tell your friends about the training you’ve received with The Apprentice Program and your internship?

It was awesome! We got to work closely with one of our lead planners to talk through the processes and expectations of the interns, plus we were able to learn more about what to do as a planner so we have more information to help us grow.

Which project was your favorite?

The design project was my favorite because it’s an aspect I don’t get to do a lot of as an intern and it’s so much fun. Plus seeing how different everyone’s was even though we had the same prompt was eye-opening

What are your thoughts on your career now?

Oh DEFINITELY staying in event planning!

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