The Apprentice Program Success Stories – Brock + Co. Events

Want to know exactly how The Apprentice Program has already helped firms take their intern training to the next level? We spoke to Becky and her interns from Brock + Co. Events to find out what they’ve gained from tapping into our training tools.


Becky (left) has been in the event industry for more than 9 years and is a familiar face on the pages of The Knot, Martha Stewart, Southern Living and more.

After 2 years experience of employing interns, she decided to sign up to The Apprentice Program in 2015 which she delivered along with Kacy King (right), an event planner and producer at Brock + Co.

Before you signed up to the program, what were the main challenges you faced as a trainer and mentor?

Dedicating time to training and providing feedback with our interns. Finding tasks that our interns could both enjoy and learn from was also a challenge.

Did you have any problems communicating with your interns?

In previous semesters, our interns were slow to answer emails and responded best to texts. Once we started The Apprentice Program, their emails became swift and professional.

Did you have any problems delegating tasks to your interns?

In the past we were hesitant to delegate tasks. We thought we could finish the task ourselves in the time it would take to explain it to the interns. After going through the interactive training with our interns, we feel confident giving them complex assignments, knowing they will be done correctly.

Has this training given you more time to focus on sales and client relations?

Absolutely! I can devote my time and attention to our clients and future clients, knowing that our interns are busy learning and applying the skills we covered in training.

What is your favorite thing about the training tools so far?

Opening communication lines with our team and watching our interns get excited about our business and industry.

Now, let’s hear from their interns!

Jennifer Savage (left) and Margaret Massari (right) took part in The Apprentice Program while interning at Brock + Co. We wanted to know what impact the training had on them.

How has The Apprentice Program helped you during your internship?

Margaret: I’ve learned a lot about the company (Brock + Co) that I did not previously know! I’ve also gained skills in event planning.

What is your favorite thing about the training you’ve received so far?

Margaret: Learning more about the company! I enjoyed creating the mood board too!

Jennifer: Hearing all of the small pieces that go into planning the event as far as budgeting and how to handle conflicts with budget or design when the process starts moving forward.

What is the most stressful thing about having an internship?

Jennifer: I don’t think it’s stressful to have this internship! I enjoy event planning and have had fun learning more about the details and processes behind the scenes at Brock + Co. 

What big revelations have you had so far in your internship and the training you’ve received?

 Margaret: When working events, everything pays off when you see how much the clients and guests are enjoying themselves.

Jennifer: Budgeting is hard!!! I didn’t realize how many tiny details were put into the budget and how much they all add up.

What do you think of Becky and Kacy as mentors and supervisors?

Margaret: They’re great!

Jennifer: Kacy rocks! She keeps the training fun and light hearted but tells us some really important and interesting things at the same time!

The Apprentice Program has helped firms all across the US take their teams and their businesses to the next level.

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