Apprentice Case Study #1 – Aubrey Jones

So, by now, you know The Apprentice Program is all about helping you mentor up and coming event professionals via superior online training and onboarding curriculum…

But have you ever wondered who the 70+ past superhero apprentices we’ve mentored over the years are and where are they now?

In this Apprentice Case Study we spoke to Aubrey Jones, an apprentice from Spring 2013, to get her opinion on the program…

Aubrey Jones head shot

Aubrey Jones

What is your name?

Aubrey Jones

What did you love the most about The Apprentice Program?

Overall, I loved being able to watch a creative concept blossom into a reality. From hearing what a client would want out of an event, to planning what could seem to be minuscule details of that vision…when you get to bring it all to a tangible level, it’s a really special feeling to get to see it all in person.

What skills did you gain from The Apprentice Program?

So many different things!! I learned how to manage/communicate with vendors and clients at all levels & steps of the planning process; how to hone in on a particular creative concept and play around with it; how to get along with people who had different professional and communication styles; some serious time management skills.

Did the The Apprentice Program unlock doors for your career and/or help you get a job?

The Simplifiers gave me, as an Apprentice, a lot of responsibility to handle which gave me a great balance of freedom and accountability to complete tasks. I think that’s a great skill to hone in on as soon as possible and definitely something that helps me today in my career.

Are you still in the events industry?  Where are you working now?

Though I absolutely loved my time in the event industry and am definitely the go-to pro bono planner for family and friends, I no longer professionally work in the event industry. I am an out-of-home media buyer in Marina Del Rey, CA for Outdoor Media Group and am currently responsible for buying all US Apple inventory.

Favorite thing you loved about working weddings with The Simplifiers?

I really just loved making a bride’s day come together perfectly for her. My favorite thing about working as a wedding planner was the fact that we were like a team superheroes for brides on their wedding days. From hearing about everything she wanted out of her day, to planning, to execution, we were the people responsible for making that one day of her life perfect.

What Aubrey is GREAT at:

Without a doubt, Aubrey was always there, asking the critical question, “how can I help?” whenever we needed her…and she always did it with a smile.  She was never afraid to try new things, dive right in and work alongside our team.  She was excellent at customer service and we never worried about putting her in front of a client or with vendors.  Her and the Spring 2013 apprentice team helped plan The Knot Magazine’s Austin Market Mixer for 300 wedding professionals and did a FANTASTIC job!

Wish your interns were more like Aubrey?

The Apprentice Program transforms everyday interns into dynamic apprentices who help you save time, multiply your team and scale your company.

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Also, look out for our future Apprentice case studies to find out a bit more about the 70+ apprentices who have already been there, done that and got the t-shirt!

(disclaimer: There is no actual t-shirt with The Apprentice Program…well, not yet, at least.)

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