Apprentice Case Study #9 – Ashley Trone

Over the last 8 years, our team at The Simplifiers have been mentoring interns thru The Apprentice Program training and curriculum.

But WHAT exactly is it we’ve been doing right?

We spoke to past apprentice Ashley to find out…

ashley trone

Ashley Trone, Fall 2011 Apprentice

What is your name?

Ashley Trone

What did you love the most about The Apprentice Program?

The structure! Mary was focused not only on how the interns could help her team, but also how she could help them to learn and grow. I loved that she took the time to have a set curriculum and focus on specific topics. It was like taking a crash course in event planning.

What skills did you gain from The Apprentice Program?

First and foremost would be the on-site experience working at weddings and other events. Understanding what truly happens behind the scenes was invaluable. I also learned a great deal about the financial aspects of large events. Her budgeting tips were easy to take out of the “classroom” and apply to my real life.

Did the The Apprentice Program unlock doors for your career and/or help you get a job?

I felt proud to put my apprenticeship on my resume when out applying for jobs. I definitely think that being able to reference my experience with The Apprentice Program helped me stand out of the crowd.

Are you still in the events industry?  Where are you working now?

I am currently an account manager at WorldStrides, a company that specializes in planning educational trips for students. Put simply: I am a travel agent for large groups of university students who study abroad internationally. So, it’s not exactly the events industry, but I am most definitely a planner!

Favorite thing you loved about working weddings with The Simplifiers?

Being part of someone’s special day. Being allowed to step in to their group of friends and family to witness one of the most important days of their lives was always an honor.

 What Ashley was GREAT at:

Ashley came to us with previous experience working at a local ticketing agency for large-scale festivals and concerts, which was a GREAT resource to our apprentice team that semester.  She understood the bigger picture when it came to events, especially marketing, crowd control and flow in/out of a space for optimum attendee experience and safety.  She absolutely exuded the “calm, cool, collected” vibe that we preach to our team from day one, which is vital for a successful planner in this industry.

Ashley saw the value in having a set curriculum and training program during her internship and it helped her excel in leaps and bounds.

Do you want to offer the same to your interns?

Now you can!  The Apprentice Program covers all the critical topics of wedding planning, including:

  • budgeting

  • event design

  • planning timelines

  • what to expect before, during and after a wedding as an event assistant

  • sales/marketing tips to book more brides

  • getting to know your firm and the competition

All in just six weeks!

Apply now for The Apprentice Program…it’s only $75/intern and will take your intern training to the next level.

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