Apprentice Case Study #5 – Paula Guzman

As you know, The Apprentice Program is all about training your interns on how your firm plans weddings, using our innovative, online eLearning tools.

But does it work effectively?

What skills does it teach interns?

We spoke to one of our former apprentices, Paula Guzman to find out!

Paula Guzman

Paula Guzman, Fall 2012 Apprentice

What is your name?

Paula Guzman

What did you love the most about The Apprentice Program?

It introduced me to every aspect of the event planning world. From client meetings to mood boards to hands-on events. Mary also shared with us a weekly lesson on industry topics like working on budgets, site plans and expanding our creative thinking. 

What skills did you gain from The Apprentice Program?

So many good lessons! One of them is that taking detailed notes from client meetings is VERY important because from there you can start brainstorming for the event design process. A detailed budget is probably the most important tool you can have. Always be cool, calm and collected at events, even if they’re challenging.

Did The Apprentice Program unlock doors for you in your career/help you get a job?

The program definitely gave me the necessary skills to be a relevant member of the event industry.

Are you still in the event industry? Where are you working now?

I am, I work at The Vanilla Orchid Catering Company in Austin, Texas. I’m the Catering Events Specialist.

Favorite thing you loved about working weddings with The Simplifiers?

How every single wedding, even if they were all celebrating the same thing, were all different and showcased the couple’s vision with the decor and the atmosphere. Also, there were always new challenges and it was cool to learn what to do in those situations without freaking out!

What Paula is GREAT at:

Paula knows FOOD like no other apprentice we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with…and what a great asset that is to have on your events team!  When building a team, I always look for a varied background of skills and cultural experience.  Her ability to talk food, serving sizes, quantities and staffing needs based on the headcount were impressive, to say the least.  Also, she’s perfectly fluent in Spanish, which is highly recommended for wedding planners in the South.  Super, well-rounded event professional, she’ll go far in her career.

The Apprentice Program taught Paula how to remain calm, cool and collected in challenging situations…

Your interns too, can learn the confidence, skills and knowledge that are essential to get on board with the way your firm plans weddings and events.

Now is the time to get your intern training system sorted for the upcoming semester.  Reserve your spot on The Apprentice Program.

We will cover topics like:

  • budgeting

  • event design

  • planning timelines

  • sales/marketing tips to book more brides

  • getting to know your firm and the competition

  • how to be a superhero wedding assistant

You can start it at anytime and The Apprentice Program currently costs only $75/intern for the 6-week program.

Sign up today to get started now!

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