An Intern’s POV: eLearning vs. Training-on-the-Fly

Hi guys, Chloe here…Marketing Intern for The Apprentice Program.

As a millennial, I have grown up with technology my entire life and experienced a range of teaching methods, from supervisors who just delivered training-on-the-fly to the traditional methods of classroom teaching to eLearning (aka online learning + blended learning).

It’s not always possible to have a structured training schedule in place when things are so busy at work.

As an intern, I get that.

BUT…by looking at things from our POV, you as a wedding planner (and our mentor) would you believe there’s a better way out there to train and engage your millennial interns, that’ll actually save you time in the long run?

Crazy, I know…but read on.

The way I see it, there are three main ways in which eLearning and just simply training your interns on the fly can vastly differ:


Training-on-the-fly often happens as a by-product of a busy schedule.

I’ve experienced this in previous roles; although it’s fine for the intern, if you have already have the basic knowledge and just need to know how things are done in that particular firm…but, if you are completely new at it all, it can be an absolute nightmare! For example, when discussing visual topics, (let’s say, “how to build a mood board”) it’s really difficult to fully understand the concept without visually seeing it and creating one together with the guidance of your mentor.

In contrast, the latest eLearning methods have a whole host of different media available to enrich the learning experience – pictures, videos, audio clips etc., you name it…and for a visual learner like me, this is GREAT.  Using a variety of media means that things can be explained in a number of different ways. Tap into the eLearning tools available for your interns and you’ll find they respond to new technologies and no matter what type of learner they are, they are more likely to be actively engaged in the training you’re providing.


Although training your interns here, there, whenever may seem like the most time-effective way to mentor them, I have news.

It’s not.

Newsflash…your interns will smile and nod their head as if they understand what you’re talking about, but five minutes later, they’ll sit there blank stare into the computer, attempting to figure out what you just assigned them and we’re afraid to make mistakes.  So, we’ll try to fake it until we make it.  And well, that always ends horribly.

You may initially save time by not giving your team structured training, but this is a recipe for disaster. Without having complete knowledge of what we’re doing, it’s likely that somewhere along the line we’ll mess up!

Okay, so having a structured eLearning program takes up more time initially, but only a teeny tiny bit. The “spark” modules in The Apprentice Program are designed as short bursts (approximately 3- 5 minutes) before a pause/talk moment with your mentor.  In your once weekly team meeting, you cover one topic (like planning timelines, budgets, event design, etc) and watch the spark videos together….one hour of training a week, TOPS!  This means your interns get the foundation of knowledge they need before they get stuck in with actual tasks.


One of the most important parts of learning is consolidation of the knowledge. Often when you’re training interns on-the-fly, the only consolidation they get is when they come to completing the task themselves. If they’ve remembered the training you gave them – great. But if they’ve got a bit confused along the way… this could be the disaster (see above).

As eLearning programs often focus on active learning and engaging the reader, consolidation of knowledge is a major part. Homework and mission-based tasks are assigned after every weekly module, meaning that your interns are able to check their knowledge is correct before they start using it in a real-life situation!

Trust me, when you’re an intern trying to learn the basics in a completely new world, the type of training you get given makes a big difference in the results you can produce.

Your Fall interns would benefit from structured online training, with The Apprentice Program and it only costs $75/intern.

They are provided with a full 6-week onboarding training, including all the aspects mentioned above:

  • “spark” training videos

  • homework missions

  • report cards

  • live support for you, their mentor

Click here to apply today to secure your place.

Your interns will thank you.

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