Apprentice Case Study #10 – Ashley Shearman

We’ve already trained over 80 superhero interns thru The Apprentice Program and every so often we like to share their thoughts and experiences with you.

former apprentice: Ashley Shearman

former apprentice: Ashley Shearman

Today, we’ve got one of The Simplifiers’ very own former apprentices – Ashley Shearman!

Read her insights and to find out about the skills and experiences she gained from The Apprentice Program…

What did you love most about The Apprentice Program?

The opportunity to be thrown head first into event planning! I participated the semester that SXSW was going on and it made me realize you can work your butt off, be exhausted, and love every minute of it.

What skills did you gain from The Apprentice Program?

Organization and patience under pressure. Just watching Mary and her assistants work taught me how to be calm, cool and collected under ANY circumstances.

Did the The Apprentice Program unlock doors for your career and/or help you get a job?

The Simplifiers gave me the skills I needed to run a National Girls and Women in Sports Day event for Texas State in 2012 when I worked in Sport Clubs and the Texas State Recreation Center.

It was so much fun to channel the skills from my apprenticeship and apply them to my own event. The day was extremely successful and it felt really rewarding to know I could handle it. I’m also getting married in July, and I’m channeling The Simplifiers with lots of my decisions.

Are you still in the events industry?  Where are you working now?

No, I am an English 1 teacher and Color Guard Director at a high school outside of Houston, TX. I’ve used some of the skills to plan events for the band and color guard and my fall back (if my heart should ever break away from education) would be to coordinate corporate events which was my favorite part of my apprenticeship.

What was your favorite thing you loved about working weddings with The Simplifiers?

Meeting the clients and watching the creative process. Experiencing an event from the beginning; seeing someone’s brainstorming and crazy Pinterest boards, and then enjoying the final product and watching the clients be thrilled with the result.

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