Being an Undercover Superhero

As a wedding planner, your couple expects you to handle it all.  Like an Undercover Superhero, working in the background, swiftly and easily juggling anything that comes up on their big day…all with a smile.

That’s why we created The Simplifiers, a full-service event planning firm back in 2003, to simplify our client’s lives.  And now, we’re simplifying yours.

consider me your secret weapon…

…helping you become a better mentor and offer better training for your interns every semester.  Like a hero.  We’ve mentored 70+ interns in-house at The Simplifiers thru The Apprentice Program and are now offering our 6-week online training solution for you and your firm, giving you all the tools you need to train them on how your firm plans and designs events.

My Superhero Powers

Event Planning




Project Management


Event Design


Ability to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee


There’s Something About Mary…

Meet Our Advisors

Christopher Justice

CEO | EyeFrame

George Mills

Product Development Creative | Trackk

Aubri Nowowiejski

Founder | Student Event Planners Association

Chloe Arji

Marketing Associate | The Simplifiers

Our Core Values


work with great people on great projects, always.

Value Education

let’s mentor others to make a positive impact on the events industry together.

Fail Fast…

…learn faster.

Integrity + Determination =

high reward

Never Miss a Moment

to WOW them in the little details!


we can do great things, alone serves no one.