The Apprentice Program has morphed into the Super Mentor Academy, providing online group coaching that transforms event planners into empowered business owners, globally. Take part in the #9toSIMPLIFY free 9-day challenge to uplevel your events business in 2017! (valued at $997 USD)

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The Apprentice Program helps you train your interns in all the critical topics of event planning.


In just six weeks, they’ll be superhero apprentices,
ready to save the day!


Our weekly video lessons are created to spark better learning moments between you and your team.


We provide all the tools you need to
teach them exactly
how your firm plans events.


Save time by onboarding your interns faster.

Weddings planners who love us
Interns we've mentored
Superpowers we can teach you

What are the Benefits?

build a team of superheroes who think fast & move faster:
  • Increase trust in your team
  • Confidently delegate tasks
  • Grow your talent pool
  • Create time to focus on sales & client relations

What Do You Get?

a variety of time-saving eLearning tools:
  • Tailor-made learning for Millennials
  • Blended learning opportunities
  • Guided discussions
  • Frustration-free setup

Who’s it For?

event planners ready to take on bigger budget events:
  • You need to train your team and FAST
  • Looking to boost the quality of your portfolio
  • Currently working with interns
  • Wanting to attract the very best interns to your team

Includes Everything You Need as a Mentor

Weekly video sessions

Each covering a different topic, all focused on getting your interns on board with the way your firm plans events.

Homework missions

Each one particular to that week’s topic, making sure all aspects of the session were fully understood + pop quizzes.

Intern report cards

Allowing you to share feedback with your interns and track their progress over the six weeks.

Insider tips

All designed to help you to become a better mentor.

The Curriculum

getting to know your firm + the competition

insider tips on event design

setting goals with clients + creating a wedding budget

how to be a superhero wedding assistant

best practices in creating planning timelines

sales strategies to book more brides

Frequently Asked Questions

the apprentice program

tap into our global mentor network to teach, learn & share your best practices within the events industry. devote simply 1 hour and 5 minutes to mentoring your interns weekly and you’ll notice they are thinking faster on their feet, so you can focus more time on sales & client relations.  finally, here is the answer to training your team like a BIG firm, teaching them exactly how you plan & produce events!