7 days down, 37% funded via Kickstarter!

Our Kickstarter launched seven days ago and we’re already 37% funded!

Update as of Jan 19, 2016:

  • $3,730 pledged
  • 37% funded
  • 42 Backers
  • 22 days to go

We’re excited to announce that one week since launching, we have reached 37% of our funding target!

We want to give a HUGE thank you to every single one of our backers including:

(left to right) Erica Prewett, CSEP, Deidre Brown, Aubri Nowowiejski, Lisa Morales, Nicole Matthews, CSEP

(left to right) Erica Prewett, CSEP, Deidre Brown, Aubri Nowowiejski, Lisa Morales, Nicole Matthews, CSEP

Following an amazing week of talks at #TSE2016, Mary is going to keep the momentum going tonight by speaking at THE meetup for Nottingham’s tech scene. She will be discussing The Apprentice Program and sharing our Kickstarter campaign story at Nott Tuesday.

If you haven’t already backed us, check out our Kickstarter page to find out more.

Remember, if we don’t hit our 10k goal, we don’t get a penny of what’s been pledged so far.

(And that would be unbelievably sad…literally, we would be sitting in the office, weeping into our pint of Ben&Jerry’s and kicking ourselves that we didn’t Instagram more during the campaign.  Nobody wants a weepy superhero.  Nobody.  Yet, I digress.)

Rewards include coaching sessions with Mary, an invite to our post Kickstarter celebration and LIFETIME ACCESS to The Apprentice Program training platform, not to mention our undying love.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you a Kickstarter newbie?  No prob, here’s the simple 6 step method to back us:

  1. create a login with Kickstarter.  Don’t worry, it’s not scary…just login here and within 2 clicks, you’re in.
  2. search for: APPRENTICE PROGRAM  —> and you will find our campaign in the “technology” category
  3. click on “BACK THIS PROJECT” button on top right
  4. choose the reward level that suits you (on the far right, scroll down to see the full list of awesomeness)
  5. enter in your payment details (credit cards, folks…not checks, not carrier pigeons carrying checks)
  6. viola!  you’re a backer.


If you are connected to anyone in the local media (either Nottingham, East Midlands and/or London) that would be interested in picking up this story, please leave a comment below and we’ll send along the press release and press kit.

Mary used to be a radio DJ another lifetime ago, so she’s pretty good on a microphone and avoids saying umm or uhh during on-air interviews.

Thanks again fans…let’s see if we can’t get this thing 100% funded by this weekend!

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