3 tips to get your internship opportunity seen by the RIGHT people

By now, you’ll have used our expert tips to create a standout internship write-up.

Great start.

Now it’s time to begin advertising your internship opportunity. Obviously, It’s no use putting up your internship write-up where potential interns won’t see it. So, we’ve put our heads together to give you insider tips on where you can put your write-up to make sure your firm gets the very BEST candidates applying.

Read on if you want to attract the very best interns next semester…

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Tip #1: SEPA – Student Event Planners Association

First, we recommend submitting your write-up to is the Student Event Planners Association Internship Board. SEPA is a student-run US-based organization catering to millennials in the event-planning and hospitality industry. Not only is it completely FREE to post, but SEPA has 1000+ members across 20 US chapters, ALL focused on wanting to become an event planner when they graduate. Sounds perfect right?

What’s more… we can testify to this! As The Simplifiers, we’ve sourced some of our very best apprentices over the years from SEPA.

Tip #2: ISES – International Special Events Society

Get connected with your local chapter in the International Special Events Society (ISES). It’s super easy to post a job on their online career center, and the exposure that the society has (over 5000 members in 53+ chapters worldwide) means that your vacancy will reach potential candidates from all over. Alternatively, a great idea is to connect with your local chapter board directly. A lot of chapters have a Director of Student Relations on their board, whose exact job is to help out people like you, spreading the word to their student members.

Tip #3: Local colleges and universities

Another tip is to reach out to career advisors at your local colleges and universities. They’ll be able to put you in touch with students interested in event planning, giving you inside access, rather than waiting for them to come to you.  We’ve found that if you target the College of Communications and more specifically degree tracks for Public Relations, Advertising and General Communication studies were the very best intern candidates for us.

So now you’ve got

  • the perfect internship write-up

  • tips on how to gain great exposure for your internship program

…and things will really start to take off, as you start to get applications from ideal candidates rolling in!

Watch out for our future intern hiring process posts… designed to help you along every step of  the journey.


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