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how to spot potential in new hires

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The Simplifiers team is made up of undercover superheroes.

We’re a diverse group of talent, drive, creativity and ambition…and we each have hidden talents that help us SHINE in our various roles on the team.


But how do you spot these hidden heroes?

We’ve put together a list of our top 6 tips for finding diamonds in the rough when scouting out new talent for your event team. Read More

celebrating with cupcakes and beer

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KS green button
Did you hear? With your help, we raised over $12,000 through our Kickstarter.  Of course you heard…we’ve been tweeting, talking and telling (basically) everyone we meet about it all non-stop since it launched!

To celebrate and say thanks to our 166 backers, we hosted a Simplifiers party right in the heart of Nottingham, England with our UK team, complete with beer and cupcakes in a very traditional pub.


Old Market Square + The Cross Keys pub, Nottingham, England

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don’t give up! #productivityplaylist

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So, you’re about halfway to completing your most important task of the day.

You’re exhausted. You’re brain dead. 

And most importantly, the coffee machine has run dry.

It’s coming up on 5 o’clock and it’s just about time to throw in the towel.
Ever felt like this? Us too.

So, we built a playlist for that.

music productivity

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EMPOWER THEM: 4 new tasks for interns while on-site at events

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It’s GAME DAY, the day-of your client’s event, where all the magic happens.

Whether it’s load-in, load-out or doors have officially opened and attendees are arriving, there are thousands of little tasks to be done by the various vendors and events teams on-site.

After all, it’s GO time!

Live events are like football, who's on your team makes all the difference. (image: Michigan Wolverines - 1899)

Live events are like football, who’s on your team makes all the difference. (image: Michigan Wolverines – 1899)

So, what part does your intern team play?

Here’s four new ideas of tasks they could be responsible for while on-site at your client’s event or wedding, that’ll empower your interns and help your team SHINE!

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be SMART – steps we’re taking to make the most of 2016

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Hello springtime!  Time to check-in on those New Year’s resolutions and annual company goals you’ve set.  Have you stayed strong and made progress in first quarter?  We recommended some apps to help you all keep your personal goals in check, but consistently meeting your business goals can be a very different task.

So today, we’re sharing with you the SMART way that The Simplifiers set targets for each quarter. This is a tool that will help your firm monitor and measure your success and of course, hit those all important goals!

but first, some encouragement.

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