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5 simple ways to practice self-care

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We all want to keep on top of everything, ALL of the time.

Sometimes it’s not possible.


As an event planner, your clients expect you to be their superhero, ready for action, ALL THE TIME.  

In order to do this, you need to take care of yourself, behind the scenes…Here’s our FIVE best ways to practice self-care, keeping you on your A-game.

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SLOW DOWN…why self-care is so important.

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Now I know that in our line of work, we’re all guilty of being go-go-go ALL of the time, meaning it’s not always easy to slow down and take a minute for ourselves.

But guess what?

Sooner or later this hectic lifestyle will catch up with you.


So, we’ve had a little look at exactly WHY self-care is so important…

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will you vote for us? – Weddi Awards 2016 “Most Creative Use of Technology”

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Last chance to vote for us in the Weddi Awards 2016!

The Apprentice Program has been nominated for “Most Creative Use of Technology” in the 2016 Weddi Awards!

We’re super excited to be nominated and would love your vote to help us reach the next stage of the competition. All it takes is two clicks – you don’t even need to fill out a form or give any personal details!

So simple.

Just follow this link:

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5 tips on how to hire the RIGHT intern

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So, did you see our previous article on interviewing tips, all about how to identify great intern candidates, simply by  looking at their resume and cover letter? Fantastic! But that now you’ve got to interview them.

How do you know who’s the right person to hire?

It can be a mentally exhausting task deciding who deserves a place on your team, am I right?!

Well, they don’t call us superheroes for nothing – we’ve come up with 5 tips to make your final selection process as simple and straight-forward as possible…


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top 3 productivity tips that you should ignore – part 3

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Welcome back!  Here’s our final post on how to get more done by ignoring popular productivity myths. Check out today’s advice on tackling those big tasks that you’ve been putting off…

Productivity Myth 1 – stop multi-tasking.

Productivity Myth 2 – Don’t check your emails first thing in the morning.

Today, I’m going to show you how a little constructive procrastination can ACTUALLY be good for you…


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