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The secret to creating a standout internship write-up

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It’s getting to that time again.

We’re smack-dab right in the middle of Fall wedding season. With Christmas just around the corner, all too soon the new year and Spring semester will be upon us!

Thinking ahead to hiring next semester’s interns is probably the last thing you want to do.

I get that.

But, if you want to make sure your firm gets the VERY best interns, there’s no time lose.  Because if you don’t hire them, your competitors will.

But worry not, your favourite undercover superheroes are here to help!

We’ve put together our top tips for making sure your Spring internship write-up is the ONE that every intern wants on their resume …

FINAL for internship write-up

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can interns really learn outside of the event itself?

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I know a lot of interns get by just training on-the-fly while on-site at weddings.  In the rush and adrenaline of setting up the event, then running it and later breakdown, they try to pick things up as they go along…

But is there a better way?

(psst… the answer is YES.)

Because let’s face it…when you’re on-site at your client’s weddings, that’s the LAST place you have time to truly slow down and train your team.  We believe that a good mix of hands-on experience and online training during the week, mixed with learn-on-the-job on-site at the event is the way to go.  We transform your interns into SUPERHERO apprentices, giving them the prep they need to help you create magical weddings like this:

the simplifiers wedding wildflower center

photo credit: MH Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

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{guest blogger} how to find a mentor that’s right for you.

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We are thrilled to feature guest blogger, Heather McKissick, UFCU VP of Human Resources and Organizational Development, on our blog today!  She shares insight and wisdom on the two different types of mentors and where to find one that is right for you.  Take a look at the full article here and below!


Heather McKissick, UFCU VP of Human Resources and Organizational Development, talks with KXAN’s Studio 512 about finding a mentor that is the right fit for you.

Mentoring is a loosely structured relationship between two people. A mentor could be a well-qualified peer or someone younger with new fresh ideas.

There are two primary types of mentors: what to do and how to be.

What to do

A career-based mentor is someone who has done exactly what you want to do in your career. You can learn the path they took and then follow in their footsteps.

How to be

A life mentor is someone whose life balancing skills you admire. From them, you can learn how to handle stress, improve your communication skills and other life skills that aren’t limited to your career.

Think about the characteristics of the mentor that you are looking for. Do you need someone structured and disciplined who will keep you on task? Or would you rather have someone who’s more of a coach with a softer touch? Think through the characteristics of the person that you think you would have a good mentor relationship with.

The best place to find a mentor is within your existing network – who do you admire?

Finally, mentoring doesn’t have to start out as a mentor relationship. Go to coffee or lunch, see how you get along with someone. People love to talk about themselves and their experience. If, after a couple of meetings, you feel they are a good fit, ask them to be a mentor for a short period of time – three months is often a good trial run. If the relationship works out, you both have the option to renew. If not, no hard feelings.

We talk a lot about mentoring interns, but truth be told, mentors need mentors too!  Who do you look up to?  Who gives you guidance and advice in your professional life?

thought of the day: who could I ask to be my mentor this month?

As always, we are here for you as your undercover superheroes in event education.  Reach out anytime if you’ve got a question or need advice.  Also, if you’re interested in getting in contact with Heather directly, click here to Ask a Question and we’ll pass along her personal email address to you, so you can start the conversation.