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Quick Tip: set a weekly team/training meeting.

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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…

We’re about to head into the busy Fall wedding season.  No surprises there.  However, this season, how about trying something a little bit different?

QUICK TIP: set a weekly team/training meeting.

now there's an ALL-STAR team!

now there’s an ALL-STAR team!


We polled our followers of wedding planners across the US and were surprised to find out that…

…over 60% of ya’ll don’t have weekly team meetings!  WHOA.

…after getting over the initial shock of those findings, I thought about it a bit.  And of course, it makes sense.  If you’re used to being a 1-gal show, where everything begins and ends with you…duh. You’re not really having a weekly meeting with yourself.

But wait…something’s changed.

You’ve grown.

You’re taking on bigger weddings and booking more clients.

You’ve decided to hire interns this semester.

Things just. got. REAL.

Time to put a little structure into your game…here’s how to do it:

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Quick Tip: stop enduring.

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Happy Labor day, friends!

Hoping you are taking the day off, having a quiet afternoon with your favorite book. Or maybe you’re relaxing poolside with a margarita in one hand and your iPad in another, catching up on all the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episodes on Netflix. Either sound good to me!

photo credit: curious bino (unsplash)

photo credit: curious bino (unsplash)

Talking about unbreakable…I just wanted to plant this little seed in your mind to ponder today, of all days.

QUESTION: what are you enduring in your life right now?

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Apprentice Case Study #7 – Ashley Durham

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You’ve probably seen us mention the 70+ interns we’ve mentored thru The Apprentice Program over the years…

Each week, in our Apprentice Case Study blog posts, we’ve been chatting to former interns turned apprentices to see what they really thought of their training and how it helped their career.

This week, we spoke to Ashley Durham to get the low-down on the program, from an intern’s point of view!

Ashley, Fall 2010 apprentice

Ashley, Fall 2010 apprentice


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Mentor POV #2 India @ Wilkinson Rhodes

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We kicked off our Mentor POV blog series last week, hearing some insights from Becky Navarro @ Pearl Events Austin.

This week we’re carrying on the series to help you guys become the best at mentoring your interns. We’re finding out what insider secrets these great mentors use when training their interns, so you can use them too!

We’ve spoken to another pro wedding planner, India Rhodes, head of the Dallas, Texas office of Wilkinson Rhodes so she can divulge her top tips for intern training…

India Rhodes Wilkinson Rhodes

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