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Life Hacks: The Benefits of Forward Planning

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Living in an age where we are used to being able to use technology to optimize our life, it’s easy to overlook planning ahead.  Sure, sure we’re really GREAT at planning our client’s events, but what about in your personal life?

In this day in age, we rely so heavily on our cell phones and apps to keep us organized…and we tend to not do any forward planning.

But what if your phone has no signal?

Or your iPad crashes?

Do you want to avoid disasters caused by things like these?

Read on to hear how forward planning can help you do that…

photo credit: william iven, source: unsplash

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An Intern’s POV: What We REALLY Want From Internships

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In our other ‘An Intern’s POV’ blog posts, we’ve looked at how eLearning fares against training on-the-fly, as well as the most frustrating parts of being an intern.

Today, I’m going to let you in on a secret: what we, as interns, REALLY want from internships.

… And why we (not me, of course…but um, others) sometimes flake out of internships halfway thru.

members of SEPA - Student Event Planners Association; image credit: SEPA

members of SEPA – Student Event Planners Association; image credit: SEPA

FACT: to get the best out of your interns, they need to love what they do.

And to make sure they love what they do, you need to read on…

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The Secrets of a Millennial Intern: 3 Best Organization Apps

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If you’re like me, you’re ALWAYS looking for new ways to stay organized and to cram more things into your day.

As a millennial, I pride myself on being on top of all things phone and computer related.

These two things are the main weapons in my arsenal when trying to stay productive and organized.

If you want to know the secrets of a millennial intern: I’ve put together a list of the top 3 apps I use to help me get everything done!

photo credit: william iven, source: unsplash

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Ways to Bridge the Workplace Generation Gap

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Let’s face it, working with millennial interns can sometimes be pretty tricky if there’s a generational gap between you both.

Studies show, that generational gaps can cause conflict in the workplace, especially now that more and more millennials are joining the workforce than ever before, while a growing number of baby boomers are retiring later and later in life.

It can cause problems when you and your intern have differing attitudes towards many aspects of life and work.

BUT…when managed effectively, you can combine decades worth of wisdom with the tech-savvy skills that millennials can offer. Here’s how…

image credit: Elance- oDesk

image credit: Elance- oDesk

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