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Using links to help boost your SEO

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Once you’ve got the basics of SEO sorted and you’re using your beautiful wedding photographs to the best of their potential, you might think there isn’t much more you can do to improve your SEO…


In our previous post, we briefly spoke about the importance of having a variety of external and internal links, as well as how to use your wedding photographs to their full potential.

Sure, it’s all easier said than done…that’s where your apprentices come in to help you!

Today we will unveil the secrets to creating quality links, ultimately helping you book more brides!

Austin wedding bridesmaids

photo credit: Sunny 16 Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

Ever wonder why some wedding planning firms always seem to have a FULL event calendar?  Here’s why…

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Why eLearning can transform your interns into superheroes

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Busy season means go-go-go!  Weddings every weekend, 200+ emails a day and the phone ringing off the hook means it can be hard to find the time to train your interns.

We’ve all been there.

And it’s a trap…You see, it’s all just one big vicious cycle…too busy to fully train your team = work piling up = a team who can’t help you because they haven’t gotten enough training = you try to do it all, all by yourself = crash and burn.

Time to stop the madness.

Read more if you want to get your interns up to speed quicker, so you can delegate more tasks and book more brides like this…

outdoor wedding photo

photo credit: Sunny 16 Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

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Empower Them: gathering images and videos for your firm’s portfolio

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Here’s another quick tip in our EMPOWER THEM series!

Every week, we’ll give you an idea for a quick, easy task that you can delegate to your apprentices during their internship, that’ll help them learn more about what it takes to be an event planner and how to run an event planning business.

photo credit: Christina Carroll Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

photo credit: Christina Carroll Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

When you delegate tasks to your interns, they learn real, hands-on skills in the events industry and you’re empowering your team to be more connected in how your firm operates.    

Are you ready to save time and look like a superhero to your prospective brides?

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Are You Using Your Wedding Photographs To Their Full Potential?

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As a wedding planner, you understand the importance of having great images in your portfolio to advertise your services and book more brides.

However, when you are advertising your firm online, you need to think a little deeper than just uploading as many great photos as possible.

Brides are able to recognize the breathtaking beauty of a wedding photo like this…

Austin outdoor wedding

photo credit: The Nichols, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

BUT… search engines are unable to understand photographs.

If you learn how to give them a little help, your images will soon be showing up wherever a bride searches for wedding photos.

Here’s how to do it…

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